Monday, August 9, 2010

Sir and Little T

So, we had a busy weekend. We went to pick up our two bull calves on Saturday night. We brought them home in crates. It reminded me of Madagascar. LOL Anyway, getting them was easy compared to the work it took to prepare for them. We had to clean the barn, move some hay and put down new straw for them, wash their bottles and their feed bucket. Than we has to get their feed and their milk replacer in rubbermaid containers and fill their feed and water buckets. They were already fed before we got there to pick them up so we had to wait until Sunday morning.

So, Sunday morning was really fun. They are so cute when they butt and kick to get their bottles to work faster. I think we did really well for our first time. It was harder than we thought to get them to take the bottles at first though. Once they got the hang of it they went to town on those bottles though.

The one calf is a few days older and a little bigger. He seems to be more dominate so we named him Sirloin but call him Sir for short. The little one we named T-Bone but call him Little T since he is smaller and more timid. They both have the biggest doe eyes and thick dark lashes.

We love living on our little piece of heaven on earth. God has truly blessed us and we are anticipating His love to pour out on us as we continue to fill our farm with animals. Next are the chickens LOL :) Than we will seriously look for a milking cow. That will be the hardest work so we'll wait until last. LOL

Monday, August 2, 2010

What a weekend!

WOW! I had a fun and interesting weekend. My husband and I were alone for a few days of it so that was extra nice. We went on a few dates, spent some time with some friends, and did some driving around to find a cow.

So, apparently, there is an Amish "Wal-Mart". Yes, our friends took us there on Friday. It is in the middle of no where but it is really fun. We actually found some really cool stuff for very cheap that we needed for our new farm. We found some fence posts, glass blocks, and my favorite, the dinner bell to hang on my front porch.

We drove all over on Saturday and stopped at random houses that looked like they had beef cows to see if they had a calf for sale. Unfortunately, we had no luck but were given some very useful information to help us find a cow. Than we took the girls to the fair on Saturday night and we found a farmer who thinks he can get us a Guernsey milking cow and possibly a beef cow too.

So, we had a good weekend. Now I am waiting for my homemade bread to rise so I can punch it down and let it rise again. I am super excited to see if I can make bread as good as my Amish neighbor brought me the other day. :)