Monday, March 18, 2013

Flank :)

Ok, so we always two calves together. We figured maybe if we got another calf right away Blessing would let both of them drink off of her so we didn't have to worry about feeding a calf. :) So, we called our awesome farmer friends at the Lawnview Organic Dairy farm and bought a brandnew, but HUGE bull calf from them.

Blessing let Flank (that's the new calfs name) latch on and he seems to be doing well. However, she does seem to be pushing him away now, 2 days later. We'll have to keep an eye on them.

I am also worried that Blessing is getting Mastitus in her back two teets. They aren't overly red or anything but they are swollen. The boys aren't drinking off of them. I guess it's time to stanchion her and milk her out to be sure. If it is Mastitus she isn't gonna like me much though. Oh, I will be getting pictures of the two boys on here soon :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Settling in

Gus has settled in and finally figured out how to suck. It is amazing watching him. New life is pretty amazing! I have no idea where will put Blessing and Gus though. We can't put them in the large pasture with the horses and the steer so they may have to be alone in the tiny pasture until we get it expanded this spring. It will all work out. They are happy in the barn for now :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blessing is driving me crazy!

Blessing, the heifer calf born from our first cow, 2 years ago, is pregnant and we are impatiently waiting for her to calve. She is bordering being late for this delivery and looks like she is going to explode. The anticipation is killing me as this is her first calf and she is a very important pet to me. She was our first birth and now she is giving birth. I am a wreck waiting. I REALLY hope we don't have to pull this calf. We bred her with an angus so it's more than likely larger anyway. Come on Blessing, have this bull calf already. And yes, it better be a bull claf because my husband insists on eating it and I refuse to eat a heifer! :)